Genuine Customer Feedback increases your sales

Sure, so you’re confident in yourself that your company offers the highest quality, most competitively priced products and services in its field, together with the highest standard of customer service. But the bottom line is that you could claim anything – it doesn’t always match up to the reality. Thankfully, as part of your web design and online marketing campaigns, there is certainly one way of persuading customers that your own company is the real deal – by having customer reviews on your site from Trust Pilot.

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In an online landscape that has seen the rise of social media and ‘citizen journalism’, more and more people have been posting their opinions on all manner of products and services for others to read online. And, fortunately or unfortunately for online businesses, it is these reviews that are most frequently trusted by actual buyers, not least given that they are written by other real customers of a companies products and services.

Here at The Consultancy, we can flatter your online business by incorporating Trust Pilot customer reviews into your web design, so that prospective and current clients are given even more reason to choose your own company over the increasing competition in your field.

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