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The Psychology of Visitor Behaviour

There is almost nothing more valuable than understanding visitors’ behaviour when they land on your website. You can learn what content switches them on, how they like it presented and where to best place call to actions. Who? It helps to ask yourself some key questions, such as who are your key visitors? Google Analytics […]

Posted: 19th April 2018

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Web Design Top Tips

Our experienced team of developers and designers has produced over 1000 websites. Each one is different because we understand that every customer is different. However, there are some things all websites should have… A strong brand – your website should display the image of your company that you want everyone to see. It’s the perfect […]

Posted: 12th April 2018

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The rise of big data

Our online society is changing. We’ve had years of unprecedented growth in social media and how we engage as an online community has been ever evolving as a result. Of course, Facebook was one of the originators of this new online world, but we’re entering the next phase now with a much greater emphasis on […]

Posted: 5th April 2018

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