News / 5 Reasons Your Business Needs An App

We all know we’re all on our phones ‘all the time’ but how does this equate into hours or minutes per day? Depending on which study you read, we’re now spending 1.5-2 hours on our mobile phones every day and over 4 hours if we total up phone and tablet time. And it’s not just time spent on our digital social lives, we’re spending an increasing amount of time interacting with businesses too.

Is the App Store the place for you?

 A lot of people think apps are for the large corporations and the big-name brands, but this simply isn’t the case. Apps can be created by any sized business for a whole host of online services. More businesses of all shapes and sizes are realising the benefits of apps as they begin to understand that a company’s mobile strategy is about more than a mobile friendly website.

If your business doesn’t yet have an app and you’re still not sure it needs one, here are 5 reasons why it’s a good idea.

  • Visibility – we’re all on our mobile devices ‘all the time’, if you have an app on your customer’s phone, they will see your brand every day.
  • Direct marketing – by giving your customers access to an app, you’re giving them easy access to all the messages you want to get across to them including special sales and promotions. If you can get them to allow push notifications from you too, you’ve got an even closer means of direct interaction.
  • Brand awareness – a mobile app is a form of advertising for your business. A well-designed app full of features your customers will love will say all the right things about you to both new and existing customers.
  • Customer interaction – whatever you are selling, your customers need to get in touch with you. They might need to reach you frequently or every now and then, but either way having a messaging feature within your app can change the way you communicate with customers for the better.
  • Customer loyalty – mobile apps, when done well, are a good way of connecting with customers sincerely and therefore building loyalty. As we have all become bombarded by flashing signs, hard copy ads, website banners, Facebook ads and e-mail marketing, it’s harder for any message to get through. Staying closer to your customers gives them a reason to stay with you.

If we’ve convinced you that your business needs an app, you may be wondering how you go about getting one. The best thing to do is employ an app development company, preferably with experience in your industry so they understand your business and the nuances of communicating with your specific groups of customers.

If you’re a company in the window and door industry and you’re interested in creating an app for your business, message us today and we can help you get started.