As Brisant-Secure approaches its 10th anniversary in 2021, it is paying tribute to the team at The Consultancy, who have been behind the company’s online presence from the start.

Managing Director Nick Dutton says that The Consultancy has almost become an extension of Brisant Secure’s own in-house IT department, helping to create a raft of market leading websites for its Brisant, Ultion, Lock Lock and Sweet hardware brands.

He explains: “The Consultancy have always been very much part of the team and we’ve grown together over the past decade. We know we can rely on them in exactly the same way as we can rely on our own staff and they’re just as enthusiastic about our products and our approach as we are. They’re reactive in responding to queries and updates but even more importantly, they’re proactive in suggesting ways that the various websites can evolve and develop.

“It’s a mistake to think a website can ever be finished, so having The Consultancy on board gives us the ability to constantly add new features and enhance the user experience so that we are always driving the brands forward online.”

As well as the front-end design, development and graphics on the individual company websites, The Consultancy is also responsible for the bespoke e-commerce systems, which enable customers to order online from the Brisant-Secure, and the automated back-end systems which facilitate staff log-in and management.

It also developed a series of customer-friendly Apps which talk directly to the websites and create a seamless buying and browsing experience for both trade and retail customers.

Richie Thornton, Director at The Consultancy, says that the partnership with Brisant-Secure shows what can be achieved when a customer commits to a long-term relationship with their web supplier: “We know we’re an integral part of the team so we can look further ahead for them and almost plan the innovation after next all the time. It has benefits for both sides of course but, from Brisant Secure’s perspective, it’s a very efficient way of working and means they are always getting the best value from their investment.”

Nick adds: “With various different businesses, I’ve worked with the team at The Consultancy for more than 20 years and there’s no one out there to match them when it comes to experience in this market matched with technical expertise. They’re fast and efficient and the positive impact they have on our business is very significant.”

Together, Brisant Secure and The Consultancy are already working on the next web project together which will be revealed early in 2021.