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When it’s time to commission a new website or upgrade your existing online presence, it’s time to focus on what you want to say about your business, how you want your website to portray you and what functionality you want it to have. What will it give your customers, prospects and repeat visitors? Which images will you use to best represent your brand? There is a lot of work involved in designing and building a new website, which is why it’s understandable that most of us take a very short-term view when it comes to creating our online presence. And there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it ticks a necessary box.

Keep up with the pace

However, things change quickly in the online world, so we encourage our customers to think ahead as far as possible and work closely with them to build solutions that are future proof. This means thinking about plans for growth at the initial development stage. It’s always best to build in future functionality upfront than to tag it on when the need arises. The result is a sleeker user experience, and it takes less time to build a complete site up front than it does to revisit it several times to update it with the latest idea.

There’s something else that can future proof a site too, and it’s something the experienced team at The Consultancy have been working hard to achieve for the window and door sector – a complete supply chain solution.

Integration = optimum efficiency

A complete supply chain solution means that one integrated solution runs from an installer’s website, into a fabricator’s website and potentially even into the suppliers above them – and vice versa. The most obvious benefit of this connected way of working is that it’s more efficient for all parties involved. Even within the same business, important processes like order processing and fulfilment can take so long to manually input, potentially into several separate databases. And that’s before the order gets pushed up the supply chain. When everything is integrated, from top to bottom, it saves time and resources for everyone involved. For example, fabricators utilising our clever door designer tool can offer trade portals to their installer customers, allowing them to generate instant quotes and orders while selling in the home.

A fully integrated system also offers real-time visibility. Everyone can see the progress of an order, again saving time and effort chasing each other for an update. The resulting experience is a far smoother, better experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. With competition fierce, it’s essential to provide an exceptional customer experience and a fully integrated online system can make all the difference. Companies employing this full supply chain solution are finding they’re sales are growing faster than before.

Real results, tailored for you

We work with customers on tailormade solutions that are right for their business. All our online solutions are focused on real results – generating leads and boosting sales – but when we can work on a system for the whole supply chain, we can provide another level of efficiency and ultimately, success.