News / Don’t underestimate the humble app

Apple kickstarted 2019 with reports of a record breaking year for its App Store in 2018 and new spending records over the holiday period. App store customers worldwide spent $1.22 billion between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and over $322 million on New Year’s Day 2019 alone, also setting a new single-day record. Meanwhile the company has also announced the launch of its inaugural Entrepreneur Camp for app developers as app developer earnings also hit a new record. Since the App Store launched in 2008, developers have earned $120 billion, with more than a quarter of that in the past year. And if you think all the action is happening overseas, think again. It’s estimated that 20bn apps will be downloaded in 2020 by UK users alone.

The most popular apps today are gaming or self-care apps, but whatever your business, the huge growth in this sector should not be ignored.

Improve efficiency

We’re often approached by companies who want a bespoke new website or product designer to add to their existing site, but when we start talking to them about their business and their strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, we can often identify a way that an app could help them remove processes and be more efficient. It’s sometimes not top of mind because a lot of us still associate apps with games, news feeds and possibly fitness, but wouldn’t necessarily think about their use within our own businesses.

To give an example, not long ago we spoke to a large organisation managing a lot of people that worked offsite on different projects. The managers often found it difficult to keep track of hours spent across different projects and the team didn’t always know where or how to prioritise tasks that would come in and were changing every day. As soon as we heard this problem, we could see a solution in the form of an app. A system could be developed whereby the whole team could keep track of timesheets via an app so everyone can see what projects were happening and how time was being managed across the board. This information could then even be shared with the end client so they know when to expect work to be carried out and completed on their project.

Ample app opportunities

Whether it’s managing time and resources as above, an online shop or perhaps creating a window or door designer app, there are plenty of opportunities for fenestration companies to utilise the benefits of apps. They can be useful to generate more leads and sales, but they can also be useful to streamline a business and remove unnecessary processes. You may have the perception that apps aren’t for business use, but as Apple has proven with its impressive results and continued investment in the area, we shouldn’t underestimate the humble app.

If you’d like an app designed for your business, or if you’d just like to talk through some of the challenges you face as a business to see if we can help you with a digital solution, call the friendly team at The Consultancy today on 01429 239 689.