News / Five signs your website is out of date

It’s an exciting time when you’re working on a new website, but at the same time it’s not an easy task to undertake. We’ve worked on enough websites, including the revamp of our own very recently, to know that it takes time and effort to decipher what you want to feature on your site. You can start to agonise over every detail – does it say the right things about you? Will it be enough to make the right impression and encourage people to contact you? The temptation is to include everything, but we’re all aware of the importance of keeping it simple and easy to use as well.

However, that’s a process you go through when you first establish your website, but when was the last time you had a good look at your website to make sure it’s still up to date and relevant? Your business may have changed significantly since you last revisited it, so your online presence might not be saying the right things about you anymore.

Here are 5 signs that your website is out of date:

  • Not mobile friendly – Since 2016 we have been viewing more websites on mobile devices than on desktops, so it’s essential that your website works on tablets and mobiles as well as it does on a desktop computer. Adaptive web design makes sure your site can be viewed and used from any device. If you don’t have this in place you risk losing potential customers, who will quickly move on to one of your competitors that does have a mobile friendly site.
  • Hard to navigate – Perhaps your website design was perfect at the time it was created but make sure it still applies today. Today people want simplicity and they want fast access to the information they’re looking for. If people come to your site and leave before clicking through to another page, your bounce rate will go up, which will in turn drive your search engine ranking down.
  • Slow loading time – Following on from point 2, another reason people will navigate away from your site before making it onto another page is if it’s too slow to load. This is less of a problem thanks to fast internet access now the norm, but it is still something to be mindful of. Prospects won’t wait – they’ll give up quickly and move onto another website without a second thought.
  • Out of date information – If you’ve moved premises or updated your logo but your website doesn’t reflect the change, this is a red flag to visitors that the website is out of date. Make sure all your essential information such as business hours and service pages are up to date as a minimum requirement.
  • No current updates – One of the best ways to show visitors and search engines, that your site is up to date with fresh content is to include a twitter feed or regular blog post. But if you do this, make sure your twitter feed is active and your blog post stays current because if they’re not, you may as well have a headline on the homepage saying: ‘this site is not up to date’!

If one or more of the above is true of your website and you’re ready to make a change for the better but need some advice on the best way to move forward, contact us today for a chat about your options and how we might be able to help.