News / How To Boost Your Bi-Fold Sales

As a specialist online solutions partner working solely in the fenestration industry with a wide range of companies, we get a good feeling as to which products are growing and doing well and which are falling behind. Always one to look on the bright side, let’s focus on one of the good news stories! Bi-folding doors.

Opening the door of opportunity

Relatively speaking the bi-fold market is still a new one but it’s a sector that’s going great guns. Perhaps thanks to programmes like Grand Designs, bi-folds have become an aspirational product for homeowners in all size and style of property. The idea of opening your home up into your garden is one that has won the hearts and minds of the UK population. Never mind the fact that for most of the year it’s far too cold to be opening a window, let alone a whole section of your outside wall!

Suppliers who have cottoned on to the growth sector have boosted demand further by supplying new frame materials, styles, colours and features. And as with any growth sector, it’s becoming increasingly competitive. It’s a sector that shows no signs of slowing just yet either with forecasts predicting a 7% annual growth until 2020.

Beat the competition

If you’re one of the companies making the most of this growth sector, it’s worth checking whether your online presence is keeping you ahead of your competitors. We’re all aware that consumers and indeed installers, will do their research online before selecting a supplier, and when they do there will be plenty of companies offering the same or very similar products to yours. You need to stand out from the crowd from the start by making an outstanding first impression. Then you need to encourage them to make an enquiry and choose your product above the rest.

Achieve your full potential

We’re well known for our work in the composite door sector and in that market, we worked with several of the leading door suppliers to ensure their online presence stood out, before the market hit its full potential. We’re now seeing a similar trend in bi-folds and are working with an increasing number of bi-fold door companies on their online presence. Some of them simply want a fresh new website to modernise their company’s image and make them more appealing to online visitors at first sight, while others want a tailored mix of modules bolted on for a fully integrated online business presence that supports the internal sales, marketing and customer service functions.

If you want to be one of the companies to get ahead of the bi-fold trend, contact us today for more information on how we can help.