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As an online solutions provider dedicated to generating real results for our customers, we aim to keep abreast of any and all website trends and there’s no doubt that business blogging is a trend that’s on the up. We’re seeing it first hand, with an increasing number of companies asking for a blog section to be added to their website for them to update as and when they like. We obviously blog ourselves, but this wider trend got us to wondering – why are they so popular?

Business blogs are still on the rise because the simple fact of the matter is that businesses with blogs, generate more leads than those without. In a study conducted by HubSpot, it was revealed that business blogging accounts for 55% more website visitors. And not only that. It also accounts for 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages. So that’s more people landing on your site, giving you the opportunity to convert them into a customer, and a vastly increased chance of being found in search engines.

Best practice blogging

Of course, the better the blog, the better the results. Business blogs have to walk a fine line between useful business information that’s likely to generate leads and the personal voice we have come to expect from any blog. To achieve this, one of the most important things, is to generate relevant content. It may sound obvious, but it’s easy to go off on a rant and be left with a blog that doesn’t speak to the majority of your readers.

Another top tip to make your business blog work for you, is to avoid too much sales speak. Visitors don’t want to read about your company in your blog – they can get that information from your website. They want top tips and advice as well as comments and opinions on topical issues. This not only helps drive traffic to your site from related product/topic searches, but also positions you as a voice of authority in your field.

Don’t be afraid to ask your readers what they want either. It’s easy to merrily blog away on the topics that fascinate you, but your readers might be looking for your view or advice in a completely different arena. Don’t assume, ask them if there are any topics they’d like you to blog about.

And finally, make sure your business blog still looks like part of your company and is part of your website. You’ll only benefit from the search engine advantages we mentioned earlier, if your business blog is on your site, not a separate entity. Following on from this, if you’re driving traffic to your website via a blog, make sure your website is saying what you want it to say about you. There’s no point in publishing the greatest blogs around, if visitors then stray onto the rest of your website only to find it out of date and lacklustre.

The whole package 

If you want to up the ante with your online presence in 2019, with a website that sets you apart from the competition, with the facility for you to write your regular business blog included, contact the friendly team at The Consultancy and we can help you design the right online presence for you.