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According to research by BrightTALK, 80% of marketers claim their lead generation efforts are only slightly or somewhat effective. Lack of resources, including staff and time are some of the biggest obstacles to generating quality leads. Meanwhile, 63% of marketers say that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge (HubSpot, 2017).

The way we buy products has changed significantly over recent years and so businesses have had to adapt their sales models accordingly. For any company worth their salt, that will mean sales and marketing departments working hand in hand and instead of casting the net as wide as possible to see what comes back, there needs to be more focus on generating high quality leads and guiding the customer through the process to the point of order.

Solid strategies win business

Here’s another interesting statistic which puts this into perspective. According to Marketo, 96% of visitors who land on your website, aren’t ready to buy yet. Companies without a solid strategy of how they will guide visitors through their decision-making process, could be missing out on a huge amount of business.

Online lead generation is one of our specialties at The Consultancy. We design websites and create the behind the scenes tools to ensure our clients’ websites are working for them 24/7. One of the ways we do this is through our product designer tools, whereby visitors can build their own virtual window or door to effectively try before they buy. They can browse various options in terms of style, colour and finishing touches, to help them make their final decision. They may not request a quote on their first visit, but if your website was easy to use and the information on it more comprehensive than all the others they go on to visit, they’ll be back.

It’s worth noting too, that although there’s still a place for the traditional contact form and for some companies that works best for their business, web visitors today much prefer interactive tools such as calculators or product designer tools like these, to get the information they need and enquire for more.

Multi-platform is important

It almost goes without saying, but it’s also important to recognise the importance of ensuring your online lead generation tools, just like the rest of your website, work on a range of devices too. You’d be surprised how many don’t! And yet there are already 2.6 billion smartphone users globally and it’s estimated there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users by the year 2020.

We’ve seen huge success with our well designed and produced websites as well as online lead generation tools, specifically built for the window, door and glazing industry, but we’d love to hear what your experience has been either providing or using online lead generation tools. Contact us @The_Consultancy