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Believe it or not, there is life outside of the Brexit debate, not least some exciting news about satisfaction when it comes to online retailing. A study asked 500 UK adults about their experiences of online shopping and a staggering 94% rated their customer experience as either good or excellent, with just 2% saying they’d experienced a problem with their order.


As the door and window industry’s leading digital specialist, we’re really excited by these findings for two main reasons:

  • They show how much progress the area of online shopping has made in terms of quality service and reliability, and in turn, how such positive buying experiences will continue to drive trust in this way of shopping and doing business
  • In parallel with The Consultancy’s own growth, the findings show how quality service and doing what you promise to do reaps rewards in terms of repeat business and enhanced reputation

It’s not rocket science putting a focus on quality and service; it’s just a case of doing it, rather than saying you’ll do it and failing or never really meaning it in the first place. Sadly, the early days of digital did sometimes feel a bit like the Wild West, with excitement about the technical capabilities opened up by the web having higher priority than delivery and customer satisfaction. But we’ve grown up as an industry, and those digital businesses who failed to meet customers’ expectations or who offered poor quality commercial solutions have in the main fallen by the wayside. Those like The Consultancy and our customers who grasped the nettle, have thrived.

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