News / Web Design Top Tips

Our experienced team of developers and designers has produced over 1000 websites. Each one is different because we understand that every customer is different. However, there are some things all websites should have…

A strong brand – your website should display the image of your company that you want everyone to see. It’s the perfect platform, because the image portrayed is completely within your control.

Easy navigation – It’s an obvious one, but critical. Make navigation easy through clear design, one main navigation menu and straight forward sub-sections. Keeping the menus consistent throughout the site also ensures ease of use.

Easy to use – While navigation is a part of this, it’s not the same thing. Visitors can be fickle, so if any part of your site is difficult to use, they’ll leave. Make sure links from page to page are obvious, so users can quickly switch to find all the information they need.

Consistency – Make sure visitors don’t ever feel like they’ve left your site. If a page changes dramatically or feels too different, you risk losing your audience. Make sure colour, style and image remain the same throughout.


Simplicity – Internet users today don’t hang around for long, so it’s important they can scan the page quickly to find what they need. Don’t be afraid to use white space in your design to make it even easier for visitors to see the important stuff.

Code sensibly – We’re getting there, but slow broadband is still a fact of life for some, so make sure your code is as simple as it can be, without compromising on content.

Copy that! – It’s easy to get carried away when creating a new website, but try and think about who your audience is, the information they will want to see and the way they would like it written.

Usability – Think about what visitors might want to get from your website and then do a trial run to see how easy it is to find or perform the function you need to perform – e.g. view a door in a door designer tool or send an enquiry.

If your website follows all these top tips, it should be fit to attract and keep visitors’ attention. If it doesn’t and you could do with some help, we’d love to hear from you.