News / Why Cultural Fit is Important

Depending on the product or service in question, suppliers can become an extension of your business. And yet sometimes we are left feeling cold when the relationship doesn’t turn out quite like we’d hoped. Why does this happen? How can we get it so wrong?

Most companies choose a supplier based on their skillset and experience in the field, but skills will only get you so far. And if you get it wrong it could make for a very difficult working relationship, if not end in failure. Then you’re left with the time and hassle it takes to find someone else and start the process all over again.

It’s a two-way street

Finding the right fit isn’t just a matter for the customer either. The relationship needs to work for the supplier too. It’s a luxury for any business to be able to pick and choose their customers but sometimes if you’re fighting a losing battle to convince someone of your value, there comes a point where it’s simply not worth the effort anymore. Sometimes, it just won’t ever work because the void in cultural fit is too vast. Some companies just aren’t meant to work together.

Professors Karl Manrodt and Jerry Ledlow teamed up to look at this very issue and as a result came up with the Compatibility & Trust Assessment – described as the for businesses. With this model they consider five things to be critical to making the relationship work.

  1. Trust – meeting your commitments and performing as expected builds trust.
  2. Innovation – you need trust between two companies to enable innovation because it only happens in a safe environment.
  3. Communication – open and timely sharing of all relevant information.
  4. Team orientation – everyone in the team believes in the team’s relationship.
  5. Focus – having a common purpose, task clarity and direction.

Better together

The team at The Consultancy have been designing and developing websites and apps for over 30 years now and we build long term relationships with our customers. We agree that relationships work when they are built on trust. Our customers can see what we have is different and that by working together we can achieve the very best solution for their business. They put their trust in our experience and knowledge and we return their trust by building online solutions that work. We often continue to work with customers for the long term too, to adapt these solutions so that they continue to fit the business as it develops and grows. We have the skillset among our talented team at The Consultancy, but we’re lucky enough to work with the right customers too.