News / Why Technology Should be Part and Parcel of Business Strategy

When you think about using technology in your business, what springs to mind? Probably for most of us we think of the IT aspect – the hardware we use in the office and on the move in our everyday business lives. The infrastructure that is managed by either in-house or external IT support. It’s an operating cost that needs to be managed. However, technology in the sense of software and website development, is not the same thing and is something that should be treated differently altogether.

The benefits of clever online solutions can only be completely realised when they are part and parcel of an organisation’s top-level strategy. For the best results any online solution should be designed in line with commercial objectives. This can sometimes be difficult when companies are fragmented with the sales department working separately from marketing who are working separately from production and so on. We find the companies that see the best results take an all-encompassing approach.

Meeting objectives for better results

When sales, marketing and production work together to meet common business objectives, including in its online presence, the results are more forthcoming across the business. Whether it’s to improve efficiencies in order processing, or get a better handle on time management across installation teams, or generate more leads for the sales team to convert, the right online solutions can improve day to day systems and processes within a business.

Realising the potential

A good web presence is an excellent way to market your business but companies that pigeonhole software and web development into simply a marketing role and think that’s where the benefits end are missing out. Working with the right supplier who knows the industry, understands your products and has the expertise and experience to talk about using online tools to meet business objectives, can elevate your online presence above the competition.

In our experience in the window and door sectors, when we can work with senior people in the business, we can almost always find a way to further improve the organisation’s processes in one department or another. The potential is incredible when you know where to look.

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