News / Why Web Development Is Not IT

It’s a conversation we have on a regular basis. Why we’re not an IT consultancy and what the difference is between IT and online solutions. People get the two confused because both are based around computers, but the two disciplines are a world apart. While some of the skills overlap, each area requires completely different qualifications. So, here’s our breakdown of why what we do, is not the same as IT.

What is IT?

IT is information technology. It’s the hardware and the infrastructure of most businesses, encompassing physical computers and hard drives, e-mails and networks. Most businesses that work with computers, including ourselves, have an IT company or employee(s) to look after their network and ensure the IT element of the business runs smoothly. We’ve all experienced the pain when there’s a problem with IT!

What is web development? 

What we do at The Consultancy is exclusively in the field of software and website-based solutions. Our services are employed as a result of a commercial decision and will achieve a return on investment. All the online solutions we deliver refine a business process. Taking our door designer product as an example – the old sales process involved having to go to someone’s house and show them pictures of a red door with a certain type of glass and specific handle design. Our online solution has refined this process so that consumers can now do this themselves, without arranging an appointment and looking through brochures with a sales person in their home.

It’s not just sales processes that we refine though, online solutions can reduce the processes across entire businesses including marketing, order processing and customer services.

The professionals 

As I said at the beginning, IT specialists and software developers are completely different, just as their industries are different. Some of the skillsets are similar but one will complete a computing and IT degree, while the other will complete a digital and technology solutions degree. It’s true that a software developer may have a good enough knowledge of the workings of a computer that they can fix a problem with their e-mails when they go down, but any overlapping skillsets they do have are used in completely different ways.

The Consultancy 

We hope that’s cleared things up a bit, but for those that aren’t familiar with the professional team of designers and developers at The Consultancy, the output we create to refine processes as described above include, websites, lead generation modules, mobile apps, customer service modules and online order processing, to name but a few. If you need help with your IT, I’m afraid we can’t help. BUT, if you’re looking to boost sales and see a return on investment from online solutions, you should get in touch today!